New website and online store!

We are transitioning to a new online store and booking system. Because growth is awesome, but also sometimes tedious. We appreciate your patience during this time.  What you need to know: - The vagaro system is still running if you are established on that.  -The new Square system is up and running but still under construction with many of the EXTRA features. -While transitioning, you may receive notifications from both systems for your appointments.  -CBD products can be found under the Square system.  -Appointments and products can both be purchased under Square system. Still working on the memberships and packages. Call for sign up or more information on those. and last but not least... We are running a 30% of THAT Friday (today) and Grand Opening special. It CAN be used on Gift Cards as well as pre-discounted memberships and packages for HUGE savings.  Use code GRATITUDE at checkout on either system. Book now and lock in your rates for an entire year before this offer expires! CBD p

Community Reiki and Full Moon Sound Bath details

  Community Reiki                                                    To reserve your spot at Community Reiki, visit my this link, my  Online Booking  page, under Services, for Wednesday, November 17. There will be a 15, 20, 25, 30 min option. $1 a min.                                                                                                                                                                                      Full Moon__ To reserve your spot at the Full Moon Sound Bath Event,  Click Here  to be taken to the Eventbrite link. You can also visit the link through FB @  Full Moon Ceremony & Sound Bath Event  

gratitude, upcoming events and HUGE announcement

  Community, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the amount of love and support for our opening event last week! I was incredibly honored to have felt the love of this great community for our New Moon Sound Healing event! We were honored to hear the experiences shared during the event as well. It has always been a dream of mine to be a part of an integrative wellness space and that dream is becoming a reality thanks to you all. It is an honor of mine to share my love, and gift of Reiki with you, and to support you on your journey. In addition to our Full Moon and Sound Healing events we will also be offering some community based therapeutic workshops and healing offerings. Our workshops are a space to engage and explore together through different mediums and shared experience. For the community events, we are introducing two different community Reiki offerings! The first, Community Reiki! Which is a discounted rate at $1 a minute offering with a minimum of 15 minutes. We w

I'm baaaaaack! Miss me?! Officially booking appointments online again.

Hey there Beautiful Souls! How have you been? I am have been wonderful. So wonderful that I have a big announcement.  As you know about 2.5 years ago I left Tahoe and moved down to a cute, quiet little surf down on the Hwy 1,  about 15 minutes south of San Francisco, called Pacifica, CA for some ocean therapy. And it could not have been any more picturesque than it already sounds. Living 2 blocks from the beach and taking in those sunsets on a regular basis has been a dream come true. Although, I moved down here under the most traumatic and trying of circumstances, I practiced what I preached, utilized my resources, and stuck my feet in the sand as many days a week as I could. And now the beach is giving back to me. I am excited to announce (drum roll...) that I am opening up a new BEACHSIDE holistic wellness center right there in Pacifica. We are right at the trail head down to the beach. It physically cannot get closer.  This center will be a collective project of healers featuring m

Special offer for patients of Clark Chiropractic

If you didn't know already I offer many discounts (local and non), rewards and specials to help you achieve your health and wellness goals faster. I also offer packages and wellness memberships. Now, I will be offering patients of Dr. Tom Clark, DC, an additional 5% discount of services, whether you are local or not. In addition to military and senior discounts, now our visitors are eligible for even more (and our locals are super stoked!) Happy Summer!

Tahoe Mountain High

Announcing North Lake Tahoe's first therapeutic massage utilizing the amazing healing properties of Hemp and Medical Marijuana.  Your choice of lubricants include a pure CBD, a pure THC, or a hybrid (1:1 ratio) herbal lotion, salve or oil. Also included with this 75 minute service is hydrotherapy and your choice of aromatherapy (in addition to the herbs and aromas in the lotions themselves. Whether you are seeking pain relief, stress relief, or to help treat a medical condition, this service has many health benefits. *For those of you unfamiliar with this concept (or concerned with the use of these products) CBD does not contain any THC and cannot get you high. The use of the lubricants that do use THC have not been shown to get you high either. Both are beneficial in their own right.* This service is a $125 value. However I am running an introductory special on it for $110. You may book online via Vagaro or call me at (530) 562-5052 for an appointment.

New horizons: New year, new location, new.... everything!

Check it all out. Lots of changes, lots of specials, lots of discounts, lots of new services and pricing, new online scheduling... and new place to call home in Truckee, CA. I am still serving all of Tahoe (North and South) and Reno as well as... drum roll.. San Francisco/Pacifica on an outcall basis. To book seamlessly please visit me on Vagaro by clicking here!  And as always feel free to contact me with any questions. As a reminder every massage includes hydrotherapy and choice of single aromatherapy, as well as sound therapy provided by authentic Tibetan singing bowls. If the link does not work you may visit: .

Wellness memberships and more!

All the various avenues of offering Reiki, wellness memberships and health coaching (seperately and with massage) are now posted. Lots of options and lots of savings! Check 'em out!

Reiki services

Greetings fellow health, bodywork and healing enthusiasts! It is with great excitement, as well as with enormous gratitude to all my teachers and healers alike that guided me along my journey, that I announce I will be be adding Reiki services to my practice. I was already offering Reiki and other health coaching services in the Reno and Truckee areas via new business partners, but now I am offering them in the entire Truckee/Tahoe/Reno areas via myself as well. This includes health coaching and nutritional counseling. When I traveled to Costa Rica two weeks ago for my birthday for a yoga and Reiki retreat, my intentions were to treat myself to some self healing. Nothing more nothing less. It has been a rough year and I had found myself in this place of helping everyone but myself and in the long run at my own expense. It was time for a change and to get back to being me. It was time to reground myself and focus on myself. However, I had such a profound life altering journ

Military discounts now available!

In an effort to give a big thanks to those who serve our country, I will now be offering a $10 military discount that applies to everyone, not just locals. Some rad reminders: Discounts can be combine on services 60 minutes or longer. Package discounts are also available and can be combined with local discounts for super savings! Also, there is now a one time $10 administrative fee for new patients to account for the extra intake time. Updates: Effective February 1, 2016, a one hour massage will now be $90. However, I still do not charge extra for additional services such as aromatherapy and hot stones. It is all included in the price, so it is still the best deal in town! Lastly, stay tuned for a list of specialty services such as TMJ, sinus or migraine treatments; wellness memberships, wellness packages that combine services, and canine massage.

Group Fitness Updates

It's official! Mountain Lotus will now be the host for my fitness classes They are expanding from just yoga and massage to fitness for all. Classes will be offered all week, but my classes will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays, mornings and evenings. There will be something for everyone! So if you have a class/schedule preference, please do not hesitate to submit it to me. I am taking requests! :) I will announce the schedule when we have confirmed it and post it under the Group fitness tab. Be well!~

In honor of a late patient of mine

... I proceeded to take a few specialty courses for my continuing education this year as both refreshers and for something new. Among them are Oncology Massage I & II, Carpel Tunnel Treatment, Fibromyalgia Treatment, Prenatal Aromatherapy, and Pre- & Peri-natal Massage Therapy. As always, other than Structural Re-Integration and Active Isolated Stretching, my bodywork sessions are an eclectic combination of many types of work to cater to each individual client. Therefore, my pricing is based on time and not type of work. I believe in complimentary therapies not single therapies. Therefore, please see my massage therapy page on my website for pricing.

Online booking now available!

Look up... To the third tab from left. It's so important that it's third. It's where you book online. Try it! :) Trouble with the link? Visit .

Pages updated!

Please check out all the updates for massage services, personal training, group fitness, and more! Take a special look at the new additions to our services such as outcalls, spa services, stretching, structural re-integration and online personal training. Also, I have updated the group fitness page with the latest schedule and locations.

Exercise class flyers & information

Flyers are popping up around town as we speak. But I will deliver it to you personally online. Check it out and come join us! And don't  forget to call ahead. 5305625052

Classes starting tonight at Fairway!

Okey dokey kids, the verdict is in! Starting tonight the 18th we will be having Core Stability Circuit at 7 at the Fairway location. But below is the entire schedule of classes. One at each location. There are three main classes for a total of 6. Total Body Stretch, Core Stability Circuit and Injury Prevention Training. Wednesday 7 pm CSC @ Fairway Thursday 6pm IPT @ Rideout                 7pm CSC @ Rideout ... Friday 9am IPT @ fairway            10:15am Total Body Stretch @ Fairway Sunday 12 pm Afternoon AfterSki Stretch @ Rideout I have already had some feedback about adding in a Sculpt and Tone class. If this is something you would be interested in please leave the feedback with me or on the Parks and Rec website, or you can always call. Full class descriptions and pricing are on the Tahoe City Parks and Rec website ( ) or under the Group Fitness tab of this website. :) You can also purchase a punch card on the P&R websit

Fitness classes for all shapes, sizes, needs and accomodations coming soon to the Tahoe City community

 I have been in contact with Jeremy, the Recreation Supervisor for the Tahoe City Recreation Center, regarding fitness classes for the entire community, not just gym go-ers. I just dropped off 4 class proposals based on the feedback I have received so far. However, I still want/need your feedback! I want to teach what you want, not just what I want, because let's face it... if you don't show up I don't have a class to teach. And all of you keep me just as accountable for my fitness as I do for your fitness. So with that said, please see the group fitness tab for the proposed classes. These are Spring classes with a March 1st start, running through beginning to mid-May. All of these classes are designed for adults, however young adult considerations could be made for the dance class. I have coached youth sports in the past. Therefore, if you are interested in something for your kid(s) that your school doesn't offer (or even just something for yourself that your gym doe

Holiday Charity Ftiness Challenge

Read, call or email for details. Time is running out to enter!

Online Brochures


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