Tahoe Mountain High

Announcing North Lake Tahoe's first therapeutic massage utilizing the amazing healing properties of Hemp and Medical Marijuana.  Your choice of lubricants include a pure CBD, a pure THC, or a hybrid (1:1 ratio) herbal lotion, salve or oil. Also included with this 75 minute service is hydrotherapy and your choice of aromatherapy (in addition to the herbs and aromas in the lotions themselves. Whether you are seeking pain relief, stress relief, or to help treat a medical condition, this service has many health benefits.

*For those of you unfamiliar with this concept (or concerned with the use of these products) CBD does not contain any THC and cannot get you high. The use of the lubricants that do use THC have not been shown to get you high either. Both are beneficial in their own right.*

This service is a $125 value. However I am running an introductory special on it for $110. You may book online via Vagaro or call me at (530) 562-5052 for an appointment.