Reiki services

Greetings fellow health, bodywork and healing enthusiasts!

It is with great excitement, as well as with enormous gratitude to all my teachers and healers alike that guided me along my journey, that I announce I will be be adding Reiki services to my practice. I was already offering Reiki and other health coaching services in the Reno and Truckee areas via new business partners, but now I am offering them in the entire Truckee/Tahoe/Reno areas via myself as well. This includes health coaching and nutritional counseling.

When I traveled to Costa Rica two weeks ago for my birthday for a yoga and Reiki retreat, my intentions were to treat myself to some self healing. Nothing more nothing less. It has been a rough year and I had found myself in this place of helping everyone but myself and in the long run at my own expense. It was time for a change and to get back to being me. It was time to reground myself and focus on myself. However, I had such a profound life altering journey, that included my first Reiki atunement (or initiation), that I cannot help but spread the powerful gift of energy healing I've been given- in addition to the physical and health healing I already do. 

As I write this I can already feel the energy turning on in my hands so I will go give myself a treatment now in hopes of making this flight pass by even faster haha! But stay tuned for a list of different Reiki services and pricing that can be combined with all my other services as well. Reiki compliments everything! Namaste~