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New website and online store!

We are transitioning to a new online store and booking system. Because growth is awesome, but also sometimes tedious. We appreciate your patience during this time.  What you need to know: - The vagaro system is still running if you are established on that.  -The new Square system is up and running but still under construction with many of the EXTRA features. -While transitioning, you may receive notifications from both systems for your appointments.  -CBD products can be found under the Square system.  -Appointments and products can both be purchased under Square system. Still working on the memberships and packages. Call for sign up or more information on those. and last but not least... We are running a 30% of THAT Friday (today) and Grand Opening special. It CAN be used on Gift Cards as well as pre-discounted memberships and packages for HUGE savings.  Use code GRATITUDE at checkout on either system. Book now and lock in your rates for an entire year before this offer expires! CBD p

Community Reiki and Full Moon Sound Bath details

  Community Reiki                                                    To reserve your spot at Community Reiki, visit my this link, my  Online Booking  page, under Services, for Wednesday, November 17. There will be a 15, 20, 25, 30 min option. $1 a min.                                                                                                                                                                                      Full Moon__ To reserve your spot at the Full Moon Sound Bath Event,  Click Here  to be taken to the Eventbrite link. You can also visit the link through FB @  Full Moon Ceremony & Sound Bath Event  

gratitude, upcoming events and HUGE announcement

  Community, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the amount of love and support for our opening event last week! I was incredibly honored to have felt the love of this great community for our New Moon Sound Healing event! We were honored to hear the experiences shared during the event as well. It has always been a dream of mine to be a part of an integrative wellness space and that dream is becoming a reality thanks to you all. It is an honor of mine to share my love, and gift of Reiki with you, and to support you on your journey. In addition to our Full Moon and Sound Healing events we will also be offering some community based therapeutic workshops and healing offerings. Our workshops are a space to engage and explore together through different mediums and shared experience. For the community events, we are introducing two different community Reiki offerings! The first, Community Reiki! Which is a discounted rate at $1 a minute offering with a minimum of 15 minutes. We w

I'm baaaaaack! Miss me?! Officially booking appointments online again.

Hey there Beautiful Souls! How have you been? I am have been wonderful. So wonderful that I have a big announcement.  As you know about 2.5 years ago I left Tahoe and moved down to a cute, quiet little surf down on the Hwy 1,  about 15 minutes south of San Francisco, called Pacifica, CA for some ocean therapy. And it could not have been any more picturesque than it already sounds. Living 2 blocks from the beach and taking in those sunsets on a regular basis has been a dream come true. Although, I moved down here under the most traumatic and trying of circumstances, I practiced what I preached, utilized my resources, and stuck my feet in the sand as many days a week as I could. And now the beach is giving back to me. I am excited to announce (drum roll...) that I am opening up a new BEACHSIDE holistic wellness center right there in Pacifica. We are right at the trail head down to the beach. It physically cannot get closer.  This center will be a collective project of healers featuring m