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Active Isolated Stretching

Stretching sessions performed just like massage, therapy exercise, and personal training sessions. Therefore, the sessions are based on time and will include both assisted stretching and instruction on non-assisted self-stretching.

Active Isolated Stretching is mainly an assisted form of stretching therapy, but can also be self-performed. Active Isolated Stretching is commonly practiced in fitness and physical rehabilitation settings. It is  a specialized method of stretching that works with the body's natural physiological makeup to improve circulation and increase the elasticity of muscle joints and fascia. AIS quickens the recovery process and helps prevent recurrence of injury. This form of muscle therapy requires that the patient participate (Active) with the practitioner by engaging the muscle that drives the joint being worked on. In this way, each muscle striation can be worked on independently (Isolated) and at the angle of the joint that is experiencing less than optimal range of motion. Active Isolated Stretching allows the muscle tissues to stretch without the micro-tearing that can sometimes be experienced when entire weight-bearing muscles are stretched using full body weight.

Active Isolated Stretching is popular among athletes of all levels. It is able to loosen adhered and knotted muscles at the fascia level, helping them to realign and gain better separation and definition. This is said to be the deepest, safest and most painless of all stretching modalities.

AIS is commonly used in conjunction with Active Isolated Strengthening for optimal results. Active Isolated Strengthening is a type of therapeutic strengthening that was also developed by Aaron Mattes, MS, RKI, LMT. For pricing on strengthening, please see Therapy Exercise section of my website. For stretching session information, please see below:

30 minutes- $60
45 minutes- $75
60 minutes- $90
75 minutes- $105
90 minutes- $125

Stretching session can be combined or used as an add-on with Therapy Exercise or Massage sessions for a discounted rate. Please see my package services page (coming soon) for details.

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