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Welcome to my website, the home of MIXD Bodywork. Below you will find updates and announcements about my business, everything from appointment information to seasonal promotions. Please subscribed to this page using the tab to the right to stay tuned into all the happenings here at MIXD Bodywork. And do not worry, this is not a blog! You will not get weekly (or daily, monthly, etc.) emails. You will only be notified when something new is happening or when something changes.

If you are interested in a weekly or monthly health and wellness blog covering everything from fitness, nutrition, astrology, and even western medicine, please stay tuned. It is in the works.

Otherwise, please click on the respective tab below for information regarding that category of services.

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Wellness Memberships

Massage Memberships

With this service, your card or account will be drafted the first of every month at the discounted rate listed below for 4 months. You have 2 months from the date of draft to use your session, therefore, sessions can be saved until the third month to use back to back, but not after the third month, or used up to 6 months from initial contract start date, two months after the last draft. You are also eligible for the same pricing on additional sessions. For example, if you have the basic membership but decide you need two more just that week or that same month, you will get the additional two appointments for the same price. :)

-Basic: Once a month  (singles only)         Monthly /Total    Session/Total Savings

a.       60 min                                        $76 / $300                            -$14  /  $60

b.      90 min                                        $104 / $416                         -$16 / $64

c.       120 min                                     $135 /  $540                        -$20 / $80

           Premium: Bi-weekly (2x a month)   Session/Monthly /Total    Session/Month/Total Savings
       a.    TBD
           Platinum: Weekly (4x a month)
                   a.  60 min                                        $73 / $292 / $1168                                            -$17 / -$68 / -$272
                   b.   90 min                                     $130 / $520 / $2080                                          -$25 / -$100 / -$400

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