Structural Re-Integration Services and Pricing

Structural Re-Integration pricing and packages are here. Feel free to call or contact me using the form to the right. Please keep in mind these prices are very competitive and probably the most affordable you will find in Tahoe.

Single Session (120- 150 minutes) - $175
3 @ $510 - $170/session
7 @ $1,155 - $165/session
10 @ $1,600 - $160/session
Tune-ups - $160/ session.

Structural Re-Integration is a 10 series protocol. For your first 10 series you must commit to the first 3 sessions. After which, you may chose to continue the work or discontinue the series. If you chose to continue the price per session will drop to $160 if the sessions are purchased in a package of 7. If a package of 3 or 4 is purchased it will remain at $170 a session. Package pricing is used to ensure commitments from both parties. It is crucial - due to the type of work involved - that the protocol be followed to specifications. If you cannot afford the packages, a single session is $175. Keep in mind these are 1.5 to 2 hour sessions. A typical 2 hour massage in the area will cost at least $150. Therefore, considering this is specialty work and requires special training, and compared to the other rolfers in the area, this is a steal.

Once you have completed your first 10 series, you can chose to go back and repeat any session you prefer- the protocol no longer needs to be followed. These are referred to as Tune-ups. Also, if you decide at a later point and time you would like to do a full 10 series again, the price is simply $150 a session.

There are no returns or refunds on any products, services, or packages. However, under extenuating circumstances, transfers will be considered. Your sessions never expire.