New website and online store!

We are transitioning to a new online store and booking system. Because growth is awesome, but also sometimes tedious. We appreciate your patience during this time. 

What you need to know:

- The vagaro system is still running if you are established on that. 

-The new Square system is up and running but still under construction with many of the EXTRA features.

-While transitioning, you may receive notifications from both systems for your appointments. 

-CBD products can be found under the Square system. 

-Appointments and products can both be purchased under Square system. Still working on the memberships and packages. Call for sign up or more information on those.

and last but not least...

We are running a 30% of THAT Friday (today) and Grand Opening special. It CAN be used on Gift Cards as well as pre-discounted memberships and packages for HUGE savings.  Use code GRATITUDE at checkout on either system.

Book now and lock in your rates for an entire year before this offer expires!

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