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Holiday Charity Ftiness Challenge

Read, call or email for details. Time is running out to enter!

Online Brochures


A must read! Protest yelp! Review on google (or here) instead because this happened to me too.

Greetings! Long time no see. :)

I am back in town from my 10 day trip. And what an amazing trip it was. I have openings at TCC until 5 today and at my other office all weekend starting at 6:30 tonight! Still running my summer special as well so check out all my discounts for major savings :) Also, as I am currently in the process of getting a new computer and printer upand running (and therefore out of massage brochures), I have updated my Massage and Bodywork pricing.  The Personal Training and TherEx pricing will remain the same until further notice.


It has come to my attention that my phone number listed on my very first post on this page was incorrect. Therefore, it has been corrected and a contact email has been added. The correct phone number is (530) 562-5052. My email is If all of that is still too time consuming, I have added a Contact Me box to the right for your convenience. :) Also, I have had to slightly increase my prices for my shorter services (only $5), but I have decreased my prices for the longer services. I did this to keep my prices affordable, yet competitive. Therefore, I am still able to offer the best rates in town. :) As a thank you to all of those patients who helped me build my business I will be honoring the my previous pricing for all existing patients indefinitely.  Lastly.... (insert drum roll here)... now that multiple therapists are using the massage room here at Tahoe City Chiropractic. I will now be offering my massage, structural integration, personal training and the

Seasonal Rewards - Summer

If you have come into the office (or called) and ever talked to me, you are aware that I am always encouraging my patients to get involved in the community, be active and support local business. In fact, I am so passionate about it, I even reward my patients for it. Well, my summer rewards special will be no different. In the Spring, I often offer 'spring cleaning' promotions but rather for your body and mind than your house. And in the summer a 'bikini body' promotion is often common to see in the health and fitness industries. However, this summer, with all the traffic of non-locals that the beautiful weather brings, I really want to take this opportunity to hear from my locals, aka you, and as always doubly encourage you to support your local business. Therefore, I will be offering -in addition and in combination with my many other local discounts- $5 off for those that review me online and follow me on one of my social media pages through labor day. See belo

Local discounts for both TherEx and massage


What Dr. Tim thinks about it all...

Can't decide on whether or not my work is right for you? So ask someone that's worked with me. :) This article was written by Dr. Tim about yours truly. Check it out !

May 20th event... It's free! :)


Website coming soon! :)

Get excited. M.I.X'd Bodywork now has a website, but it is under construction. Please be patient and check back periodically. If you need my services, please email me at or call me at 530-562-5052. Thanks!