It has come to my attention that my phone number listed on my very first post on this page was incorrect. Therefore, it has been corrected and a contact email has been added. The correct phone number is (530) 562-5052. My email is mixdbodywork@gmail.com. If all of that is still too time consuming, I have added a Contact Me box to the right for your convenience. :)

Also, I have had to slightly increase my prices for my shorter services (only $5), but I have decreased my prices for the longer services. I did this to keep my prices affordable, yet competitive. Therefore, I am still able to offer the best rates in town. :) As a thank you to all of those patients who helped me build my business I will be honoring the my previous pricing for all existing patients indefinitely. 

Lastly.... (insert drum roll here)... now that multiple therapists are using the massage room here at Tahoe City Chiropractic. I will now be offering my massage, structural integration, personal training and therapy exercise training services out of a new office in the heart of Tahoe City that is my own space on days that the TCC office is not available to me. There may also be some esthetician services coming soon to my new office space. Get excited!