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I'm baaaaaack! Miss me?! Officially booking appointments online again.

Hey there Beautiful Souls! How have you been? I am have been wonderful. So wonderful that I have a big announcement.  As you know about 2.5 years ago I left Tahoe and moved down to a cute, quiet little surf down on the Hwy 1,  about 15 minutes south of San Francisco, called Pacifica, CA for some ocean therapy. And it could not have been any more picturesque than it already sounds. Living 2 blocks from the beach and taking in those sunsets on a regular basis has been a dream come true. Although, I moved down here under the most traumatic and trying of circumstances, I practiced what I preached, utilized my resources, and stuck my feet in the sand as many days a week as I could. And now the beach is giving back to me. I am excited to announce (drum roll...) that I am opening up a new BEACHSIDE holistic wellness center right there in Pacifica. We are right at the trail head down to the beach. It physically cannot get closer.  This center will be a collective project of healers featuring m