I'm baaaaaack! Miss me?! Officially booking appointments online again.

Hey there Beautiful Souls!

How have you been? I am have been wonderful. So wonderful that I have a big announcement. 

As you know about 2.5 years ago I left Tahoe and moved down to a cute, quiet little surf down on the Hwy 1,  about 15 minutes south of San Francisco, called Pacifica, CA for some ocean therapy. And it could not have been any more picturesque than it already sounds. Living 2 blocks from the beach and taking in those sunsets on a regular basis has been a dream come true. Although, I moved down here under the most traumatic and trying of circumstances, I practiced what I preached, utilized my resources, and stuck my feet in the sand as many days a week as I could. And now the beach is giving back to me.

I am excited to announce (drum roll...) that I am opening up a new BEACHSIDE holistic wellness center right there in Pacifica. We are right at the trail head down to the beach. It physically cannot get closer. 

This center will be a collective project of healers featuring massage, reiki, nutrition, sound healers, acupuncturists and more. I don't have all the details worked out just yet but the magic is already happening. We will also be offering lots of various types workshops, new and full moon sound healings, and other community events. Scholarship programs for underserved communities to also receive the health services they need are in the works as well. I am passionate about helping out our veterans as well. The following services are already available:

-massage and bodywork

-stretching & soft tissue (cupping, flossing, theragun, foam rolling)

-12 week health transformation programs

-personal fitness training

-corrective exercise training

-health coaching

-reiki energy healing (this can include chakra balancing, anxiety relief and stress management, DNA repair, ancestral cycle and traumatic release, pain management and much more)

-functional medicine services (hormones, gut health, nutrition, etc.)

-sound healing (private, group and community events)

-music lessons (sound healing style: bowls, drums, etc.)

-expresive arts therapy workshops

-dream board workshops

I am looking to feature local or semi-local small time artist to help them grow. Whether that is clay, jewelry, paintings, photography, does not matter. If you would like to offer some joint workshops, or have your own things to host, or are a local crafter or artist, please shoot me a message.

I am not sure of a big GRAND opening date yet, but we will be softly opening our doors next week for Halloween trick or treaters and having a community open house for people to come check out the space. Aaaand... we are offically opening online booking. I will be offering a grand opening special of 20% off all services once doors are open. But I am also offering an additional 10% off (so 30% total) for those that book before Nov.1!

Stay tuned for Halloween Open House details. To book your appointment and receive 30% off before the end of the month please visit click here 

If you are having trouble with the link, the address is: https://www.vagaro.com/integrativebodyworxbystephanie 

I am so excited to become part of your journey once again. 

Namaste my friends!