Specialty Services

Mountain High Special
75 minute custom massage to soothe aches and pains while still relaxing. Includes hydrotherapy with your choice of aromatherapy and your choice of herbal lotion. Herbal lotion options include a 1:1 CBD/THC  hybrid, a pure THC* or  a pure CBD.** Options also include lotion, oil or salve. $120

*Customers must be 21 and up per California state law.

** The use of both CBD and THC in topical applications has not been shown to cause an intoxicating affect. Please inquire about the right option for your health and wellness needs.

Coming soon!

Tempuromandibular joint Dysfunction (TMJD)

Sinus Treatment

Migraine Relief

Canine Massage Therapy

There are no returns or refunds on services, products or packages. However, under extenuating circumstances transfers will be considered.