Group Fitness

Group Fitness classes for all needs, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Below are class descriptions, prices and locations*. Feedback is always welcome! Drop-ins, monthly rates and punch cards all available for your individual needs.

-Drop-in ... $15
-4 Punch ... $50 (Refer a Friend)
-8 Punch ... $90 (Bring a Buddy)
-16 Punch ... $160 (5 classes free!)

-Refer a Friend - If you send me 3 paying participants you get a free class!
-Bring a Buddy - You can bring a friend to any class for the price of one. This can be repeated two more times with either 2 other friends or the same friend with 2 different classes for a total of 3 times. You cannot bring the same friend to the same class.

Class Descriptions:
-Core Stability Circuit (CSC): A new twist to core, balance, and high intensity interval training (HIIT). You will sweat and work, but this is not Bootcamp and only moderate impact. This class is for those that like a challenging Bootcamp style and intensity circuit, but prefer more individualized exercises, more core musculature training and more stability training. We will used TRX, BOSUs, medicine balls and much more! This class can be modified to accommodate injury.
     Schedule:  Tuesdays   6:30pm @ Pomin Park for the remainder of Summer
      Level: Intermediate to Advanced

-Sculpt: A strength training and toning class. Although this class is not an aerobic class you will work and sweat. We will use dumbells, balls, resistance tubing, and much more!
      Schedule: Thursdays 6:30pm Pomin Park for the remainder of summer.
      Level: Beginner Friendly

-Aerobic Dance Choreography (ADC): A dance aerobics class 30 years in the making based off of hip-hop, pop, and salsa moves. Modern day corporate dance fitness classes such as Zumba originated from classes like this. This is not a technical dance class. Although some technical instruction will be necessary, it is designed for you to have fun while breaking a sweat. A new routine is taught each class. Great for improving agility and coordination. For all adult ages young and old. All levels encouraged and welcomed.
       Schedule: TBD
       Level: Beginner to Advanced

-Sculpt Circuit: A combination of Sculpt and CSC for a total body workout that tones and burns! :)
        Schedule: Tuesdays 8am at Pomin Park ? (TBD)

-Injury Prevention Training (IPT): Corrective Therapeutic Exercise for post rehab or those looking for a milder strengthening class. This class is designed to re-align for optimal performance and injury prevention. A new way to train because the little deeper muscles matter too!
     Schedule: TBD (Temporarily suspended)

-Total Body Stretch: A gentle stretch class designed for those wishing to increase total body flexibility for injury prevention and overall health and wellness. This is not a yoga class and is perfect for those that may not be able to participate in a yoga class! This class combines various stretching techniques such as Self Myofascial Release (foam rolling), Active Isolated Stretching, strap stretching and much more! All levels welcome.
     Schedule: TBD (Temporarily Suspended)

*Classes that take place outside of a rec center (Rideout or Fairway)-at a park- are not affiliated with Tahoe City PUD and take my place under my own entity, licensure and insurance.