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Welcome to my website, the home of MIXD Bodywork. Below you will find updates and announcements about my business, everything from appointment information to seasonal promotions. Please subscribed to this page using the tab to the right to stay tuned into all the happenings here at MIXD Bodywork. And do not worry, this is not a blog! You will not get weekly (or daily, monthly, etc.) emails. You will only be notified when something new is happening or when something changes.

If you are interested in a weekly or monthly health and wellness blog covering everything from fitness, nutrition, astrology, and even western medicine, please stay tuned. It is in the works.

Otherwise, please click on the respective tab below for information regarding that category of services.

Questions? Comments? There is also a contact me form to the right as well. I look forward to hearing from you! Be well~

Outcall/Concierge Services

Most of my services are available in home or in office as well. Everything from therapy exercises, massage, spa parties, home organization, performance training, health coaching and more is available at your door! My outcall fee is $25 for ~15 miles of travel. Therefore, an outcall in Homewood from Truckee would be an extra $50.

Please call for more information on mobile health and wellness services. You can also see my other business website at fursnfirspetcare.blogspot.com. Eventually I plan to combine these two business under a new entity.

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