Seasonal Rewards - Summer

If you have come into the office (or called) and ever talked to me, you are aware that I am always encouraging my patients to get involved in the community, be active and support local business. In fact, I am so passionate about it, I even reward my patients for it. Well, my summer rewards special will be no different. In the Spring, I often offer 'spring cleaning' promotions but rather for your body and mind than your house. And in the summer a 'bikini body' promotion is often common to see in the health and fitness industries. However, this summer, with all the traffic of non-locals that the beautiful weather brings, I really want to take this opportunity to hear from my locals, aka you, and as always doubly encourage you to support your local business. Therefore, I will be offering -in addition and in combination with my many other local discounts- $5 off for those that review me online and follow me on one of my social media pages through labor day. See below for details.

Yelp/ Google Review
Receive $5 off any service when you post a review to either Yelp or Google AND follow me on either my Twitter or Facebook page. If you receive two different services and post two separate reviews for those services you will receive $10 off. You get the pattern.

Why is this so important? I'll tell you. Most importantly, because the world no longer look to a phone book or yellow pages. Secondly, however, it is also because of the way Yelp works. They will only post one review to your primary business category. So if a business has multiple categories (aka massage and personal training... like myself), and you review both in one review, Yelp will not post it. Its a bummer.

Not sure how all that social media stuff works? Check out my simple step by step instructions below…

1.       Create an account. If you already have an account, please skip to Step 5.
2.       To create an account, visit from your favorite web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). Click Sign Up in the top right corner.
3.       Once you are on the Sign Up screen, enter the necessary information into the asterisked fields and click Submit. Don’t worry all your information will be private if you chose it to be in your settings.
4.       Once all these steps are complete Yelp will send you an email to validate/confirm your account. They basically just want to know you are not a robot spammer. Therefore, check your email. Open the email from Yelp and click the link in the email to confirm your account and finish registration.
5.       You are now registered and ready to review. Return to the Yelp website ( and in the search box type in my business name Massage Integrating Xercise Advanced Bodywork (or you may just enter the keywords ‘massage’ and ‘bodywork’) in the first box on your left. In the second box on the right enter Tahoe City or 96145. Click Search.
6.       My business name Massage Integrating Xercise Advanced Bodywork (M.I.X’D Bodywork by Stephanie) will appear in the search list. Depending on what you searched for you may have to scroll through the list of search results to find me. Once you have found me, click on my business.
7.       Now that you are on my page you are ready to leave a review. Click the Write a Review link and follow the instructions. Before you click Post I recommend proofreading. 
1.       Open your favorite browser to access the world wide web (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) and enter the address
2.       In the google keyword search enter the terms ‘massage’ and ‘bodywork’ and ‘tahoe city’. You may have to scroll, but my business name Massage Integrating  Xercise Advanced Bodywork (M.I.X’d Bodywork by Stephanie) will appear in the results list. Once you have found it, click on it.
3.       You are now at my Google+ page. On the right side of the middle of the page you will see a link that reads “Be the first to review” or “Write a review”. Click on either that appears.
4.       Follow the instructions to leave your review. As always I recommend proofreading before posting.