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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Classes starting tonight at Fairway!

Okey dokey kids, the verdict is in! Starting tonight the 18th we will be having Core Stability Circuit at 7 at the Fairway location. But below is the entire schedule of classes. One at each location. There are three main classes for a total of 6. Total Body Stretch, Core Stability Circuit and Injury Prevention Training.

Wednesday 7 pm CSC @ Fairway
Thursday 6pm IPT @ Rideout
                7pm CSC @ Rideout...
Friday 9am IPT @ fairway
           10:15am Total Body Stretch @ Fairway
Sunday 12 pm Afternoon AfterSki Stretch @ Rideout

I have already had some feedback about adding in a Sculpt and Tone class. If this is something you would be interested in please leave the feedback with me or on the Parks and Rec website, or you can always call. Full class descriptions and pricing are on the Tahoe City Parks and Rec website (www.tahoecitypud.com/parksrec.shtml) or under the Group Fitness tab of this website. :) You can also purchase a punch card on the P&R website. To sign up, you can either register online through the Parks and Rec website or you can pay at the door. Please arrive 10 minutes early to your first class to register if you haven't already done so and to fill out the waiver.

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  1. Stretch on Sunday has been moved to 1230pm. Friday morning has been moved to 830 and 930. If none of the above class times work for you please let me know what days and times do work for you so we can accommodate your schedule.